HIPRA is tracing a new path in Avian prevention (media)

The XIXth Congress of the WVPA (World Veterinary Poultry Association) was held in the South African city of Cape Town from 7 to 11 September. This congress brings together over 1000 delegates from different countries and is the major scientific event in the poultry sector. This year, HIPRA participated for the first time as one of the main sponsors of the congress.

On the eve of the congress, on 6 September, HIPRA hosted a session dedicated entirely to coccidiosis immunology which was entitled: “Tracing a new path in avian coccidiosis immunology”. The session brought together around 200 attendees of 30 different nationalities and the speakers included Dr. Hyun Lillehoj, a researcher at the USDA and specialist in avian immunology. This event served as a launch platform for a new concept in the prevention of coccidiosis created by HIPRA for poultry with a long life-cycle which combines an immunological product with exciting innovations in the composition and the diluent EVALON® + HIPRAMUNE® T, a high-precision HIPRAspray® application device and a global traceability system that ensures maximum control from the time of administration of the vaccine to the arrival of the breeders and/or layers on the farm.

Dr. Marc Pagès and Dr. Gregori Bech – R + D researchers at HIPRA – gave presentations on the composition and characteristics of EVALON® + HIPRAMUNE® T and summarised their experimental and field trials carried out with the product. Martina Dardi (Coccidiosis Corporate Group Product Manager) and David Mateos (Marketing Technologist) described the HIPRAspray® and HIPRAlink® concepts and their advantages in terms of administration and traceability.

HIPRA thus launches a new concept in the prevention of avian coccidiosis aimed at an especially valuable poultry segment, thereby consolidating its position as the reference in prevention for animal health.